Brentwood car repair shop, Diesel Cars, will be offering its diesel cars to the public for the next three years.

The shop has a range of parts for diesel cars including catalytic converters, spark plugs and catalytic reducers, as well as a range for diesel engines and parts. 

It will also be offering diesel engines for hire, as it will have to maintain them for the time being. 

The shop will only be selling the diesel cars until December 2020.

The shop, which opened in 2014, said it would be doing a pilot program on the diesel car, but has not yet received a contract. 

“I’m hoping it will become a permanent part of the shop and that it will be able to do a full service on a regular basis,” said owner, Mark Riddle. 

Brentwood, a city of around 40,000 people, has seen a dramatic increase in CO2 levels since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

A report by the Environment Agency in June found that the city had surpassed its emissions target for the year, with an average of 6.6 metric tonnes per person. 

Riddle said he and his wife wanted to help others reduce their carbon footprint.

“We have a family business, and we’ve got to make sure that we’re not putting any more of our children at risk,” he said. 

Diesel cars are a popular option for petrol cars, as they can produce more electricity than the petrol engines of petrol cars. 

 The Diesel Cars shop is not the first car shop to sell diesel engines.

In June, London’s Green Garage, which sells petrol cars and electric vehicles, began selling diesel engines, although it did not sell diesel cars.

Diesel vehicles are also a popular choice for private hire. 

There are a number of shops in London that offer diesel cars and diesel fuel, including Diesel Motors in Woolwich, Diesel Fuel and Diesel Car in Walthamstow, and Diesel Oil and Diesel Gas in Harrow.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to offer diesel fuel and diesel cars at a competitive price for people to purchase, as the cars are not only cheaper than petrol, but are also cheaper than buying an electric car,” said a spokesman for Diesel Motors.

There are also other diesel shops in the UK, including Gasoline and Diesel, which operates in Manchester and London, and E-Z, which owns the Diesel Oil, Diesel Gas and Diesel Fuel business.

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