Chandler, Arizona — It’s the most expensive city in the United States for a new car, and the car shop is the best place in town to get a good deal on a new one.

In fact, the car business in Chandler is so lucrative that Chandler is the sixth largest car-shop chain in the country, according to data from the National Association of Car Dealers, and it’s the third most valuable after New York and Los Angeles.

The Chandler Auto Group, based in the town of about 14,000, has been making cars for almost a century and is known for its unique blend of luxury and everyday quality.

The car-buying process starts at Chandler’s Chandler Automotive Center, where a mechanic, car-surfer, and automotive buff will begin by fitting the car’s frame, transmission, and drivetrain, and then the buyer is expected to sit down and discuss their needs.

Then, the salesman will go through the car with the customer and ask questions about the car, such as whether the vehicle would make a good first car for them.

When they’re done, they’ll pick up the car and take it to a dealership to be inspected.

If they’re not happy with the car in the end, the customer is expected for their money back.

The salesman can then sell the car to someone else for a similar price.

Chandler Automotive Group has a lot of customers.

The local economy depends on its employees, and if the dealership is profitable, Chandler can’t have enough of them.

The car business has been thriving for years, with an estimated annual gross profit of $1.4 million.

But it has also been struggling in recent years.

The industry is booming, and as a result, sales of new and used cars have fallen for the past four years.

Now, that trend is set to reverse, according the National Automobile Dealers Association.

In addition, many dealerships are downsizing their fleet and closing.

With fewer customers and fewer employees, they are less able to compete in a rapidly changing market.

A new car dealership is the only place where all of the pieces are in place for a dealership that can grow and thrive, according Steve Lutz, executive director of the Chandler Automobile Group.

“Chandlers automotive brand has always been known as a family-friendly city, and that’s something that’s been true for the company,” he said.

“The dealership has always had a strong business and strong relationships with the community.

But in the last year, we’ve seen a decline in business.

I think that’s an indication that we’re going to see a drop in business and a decline of business in the near future.”

Chandlingans automotive brand is one of the best selling brands in the world, according a recent study by CarInsider.

It was ranked No. 1 on the list of the most profitable brands in 2016.

But the company’s growth is slowing down, according Lutz.

“We’re seeing a drop off in sales,” he explained.

“There are fewer dealerships and fewer customers.

There’s not a lot going on to attract new business.

There are fewer employees.

And it’s becoming more challenging to attract the new customers who want to get their car repaired.

So we’re seeing fewer new customers.”

While Chandler’s automotive sales are down, the business has also become more challenging.

With less customers and less employees, the dealership’s business is more difficult to attract.

The company has to compete with other dealerships in other cities.

“You have to compete and you have to get customers,” said Lutz.

“You can’t just be in one city, where you’re competing with all the other cities.”

The Chandler Automobiles car-related business is growing, but it’s losing customers.

In the last five years, the company has lost around 3,400 jobs.

In 2016, the city’s economy lost $1 billion to $2.7 billion.

In 2017, the Chandler dealership lost around 5,000 jobs, but this year, the loss has increased by nearly 3,000.

The average job lost was 1,500.

“It’s just an incredibly challenging business to run,” Lutz said.

“There’s a lot to consider.

I’m not a big believer in the sales force.

They’re there to make money.

But you have a lot more decisions that you have on how to make the most money.

I’d be happy to sit here and explain to you what those decisions are, but I’m just not in a position to do that right now.”

While there are plenty of reasons for the decline, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the company is losing money.

Lutz attributed the company to its competitive position and to the changing customer behavior in the industry.

“I think people are buying more and more things,” he noted.

“They’re just getting more comfortable with their buying decisions. I don’t

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