The Australian car industry is booming, but there’s one job that isn’t.

In New Zealand, there are a number of jobs that require an advanced degree, or some combination of them.

Car shop owner and car shop manager, who want to stay anonymous, told The Lad that a job in the car industry requires an advanced education.

“A good degree in automotive engineering is necessary to work in the industry and to work closely with our partners, especially the dealers,” she said.

She also pointed out that most people who apply for these jobs get the jobs they want.

That’s why car shop owner said that most car shops don’t offer a job that doesn’t require a degree.

The Australian government is currently considering introducing mandatory apprenticeships for all new apprentices, which would ensure that the new entrants get the experience they need.

This would help ensure that all young people in Australia get a high quality job that they can hold onto and build upon.

In New South Wales, there is a compulsory apprenticeship system for new apprentices that is expected to cost about $30,000 to $60,000 a year.

There are no mandatory apprenticeship systems in Queensland, however, so a young person can still get a job through an online apprenticeship scheme if they have some form of relevant experience.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were about 13,000 apprenticeships in Australia in 2013-14.

One of those was the car shop apprentice, who worked on a range of different projects.

Her apprenticeship paid $15 an hour.

The car shop and car repair industry in New Zealand is booming.

The Lad said that in 2015 there were almost 10,000 new car shop apprenticeships.

But car shop owners said that only about half of these apprenticeships would be paid, and the rest would go to people who already have a job.

“I’m just really struggling to get a good salary, I’ve just got no money to live on,” one car shop shop owner told The Ledger.

While some people who want jobs in the automotive industry say they’re looking for an entry-level job, others say they are looking for a job where they can learn and get paid.

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