When you sign up for Craigslist or eBay, you’re signing up for a whole new world of advertising opportunities.

But how do you know which cars are real?

It turns out, there are a ton of fake listings out there, and some of them are so bad, the car you want may never be sold.

“I was looking for a BMW 3 Series with a 5-speed manual,” says Michael, a 23-year-old advertising salesperson who is from New Jersey.

“The dealer didn’t want to sell it, so I just said, ‘If it’s real, I’ll give it a call.’

They said, yeah, we’ve got it.”

Michael’s car is one of many that have made the cut on the Craigslist and Ebay listings, including this 2004 BMW 7 Series with “Diesel” written on the door.

The seller claimed that the car was in good shape, but Michael didn’t like that one bit.

“It’s pretty crappy,” he says.

“And then the seller said they had a nice one.

They’ve got a nice, super clean car.”

He says he’ll sell the car to anyone who will pay.

“You can’t tell me that this car has no problems,” he told me.

“Just because it’s not running good doesn’t mean it’s junk.”

Craigslist and the Ebay platform aren’t the only sites that are letting you sell your favorite junk cars.

In some states, car dealerships have begun offering real-life sales opportunities for cars with no mechanical problems or even minor cosmetic issues.

According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, a car dealership in Pennsylvania recently offered an 8-year old Volkswagen Golf that had been repainted, an 11-year olds Lexus ES 350 that had an 18-inch wheel gap, and a Toyota Supra that had a flat tire.

“These are cars that people would buy if they didn’t have any issues,” says Chris, who works for a car-selling company in the Boston area.

“They would buy a car because it was in a good condition, and it would get a quick sale.”

For real-world car dealers, the Craigslist platform is a good place to advertise cars that are worth more than what the buyer will ever pay for them.

“This platform is where I sell cars, but you can also advertise it to the public and sell it to other car owners,” says Ryan, a 25-year business owner in the San Diego area.

Ryan’s ad has made it into several car magazines, and the ad that he and his wife put up for sale is now up for bids in a car ad auction, which costs $100 to $200, depending on the car.

The auction itself has been successful.

Ryan is also an experienced car-salesperson, having sold over 100 cars to buyers in the past year.

“There are a lot of people who want to buy a lot more of cars than I do, so if I can give them a deal that they can buy that car, I will,” he tells me.

But for people like Michael, who just wants a good car for a good price, it’s just not possible to find that good car on Craigslist or Ebay.

“So, when I sell a car on Ebay, it has to be a nice car,” he explains.

“But I can’t really do a deal on it.”

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