GTA 5 car boot shop, the GTA 5 car repair shop, was one of the first car repair shops in the GTA.

Now, it’s gone. 

GTA 5 boot shop owner Ryan Tobin, a.k.a.

Ryan, posted the following on Facebook on Sunday, September 13: I was so excited to open this place.

It was just one of those things that had been in my life for so long, and now it’s being torn down.

So sad.

I have no idea what will happen with this shop. 

Ryan said the shop is closing and will be replaced with a more modern shop.

But Ryan, the owner of the car boot repair shop said the owner is working to find another location for the shop.Ryan told GMA News that he didn’t know the owners intentions prior to the announcement. 

“I didn’t have any idea,” Ryan said.

“I think this will happen over the next few days. 

In a previous post, Ryan said he had the opportunity to work with an employee, but the person has been taken out of the picture.

Ryan said that he plans to donate his money to the United Way of Greater Chicago. 

The new location will be located in the Lincolnshire, Illinois area.

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