The future of car dealerships is still a mystery.

But the industry has a lot of good news ahead.

First, there is a growing number of new car buyers, many of them millennials.

Many are buying cars for the first time.

And the industry continues to attract the best and brightest.

“As consumers get more savvy about the car they’re buying, the industry will be better positioned to compete,” says John J. Hartzog, president and CEO of, a car-buying site based in Boston.

“A key to this growth is that car buyers are now more willing to invest in a dealership.”

The growth of online car buying is also helping to make it easier for dealers to attract and retain quality staff, according to Jeffery Dufresne, a managing director at research firm IHS Automotive.

“More and more dealers are recognizing the need to have people who are skilled and knowledgeable, and who have the experience and expertise to sell a vehicle,” Dufleson says.

Some dealers are starting to add more amenities to their car buying experience, like more shopping carts and video conferencing.

Others are adding to their offerings, such as buying vehicles with additional amenities and incentives.

Some car-shopping sites have expanded their offerings to include the services of a dealership rep, who will help you find the right vehicle for you.

And more and more car buyers will opt for the luxury brands.

One major trend is for people to purchase cars for their kids.

Some states are seeing an uptick in car sales, with sales of older vehicles at record levels, according the National Association of Realtors.

But, as a nation, the automotive industry is seeing more and better cars.

And that means the next big driver for the auto industry will likely be a huge growth in millennials.

The next generation is expected to be the most car-savvy in the country.

That means the industry needs to continue to evolve and become more relevant to them.

“The auto industry has to evolve to be a more relevant part of our society and our economy,” Dafoe says.

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