Joe’s Car and Garage in the Bronx, NY is a car restoration shop, a car speaker shop, and a car audio shop. 

Joe’s specializes in the restoration and restoration of cars from 1955 to the present, so it is no surprise that he has an extensive collection of classic and modern cars, and many of the cars he has restored have been on the market for more than 40 years. 

One of his more recent vehicles, a 1966 Ford Escort, has been on display at Joe’s since 2005. 

“The Escort was a car I was looking at for years, when I was in the car shop,” Joe said.

“It was a big, big deal to me.

I really loved the car.

I knew I had to restore it, so I went to the car dealership to get it repaired, and I came away with a new car.” 

The Escorts original owner was a former owner of the nearby Joe’s Cars dealership. 

While repairing the car, Joe and his wife, Nancy, discovered that the car’s original owners had not only passed away, but also were no longer alive. 

“[The owner] was a very nice guy, and he had a lot of experience,” Joe explained.

“He was the only one in his whole life that was really able to get the car back on the road.” 

Joe and Nancy were determined to find a new owner for the car and decided to make a deal.

“He had the money to buy the car but he wasn’t going to pay for the restoration,” Joe recalled.

“So we went to Joe’s and we bought the car out of his name.

We went to him and we had a very good meeting, and then I just said, ‘I’m going to make you my agent.’

So we went out to Joe and we made the deal.” 

A few days later, Joe had a phone call from a woman who said, “I think my husband has died.” 

“She was really upset,” Joe admitted. 

With that, Joe’s car was sold and the rest is history. 

The car was originally a 1955 Ford Escorts. 

After the sale, Joe was given a few old, broken pieces of the car to help restore. 

As the years went by, Joe would repair and restore the cars, along with a number of other vehicles, which he also used for other purposes. 

When he sold the car in 2010, he bought it from the original owner, who he believed would take care of it. 

Since then, Joe has been working with the original owners to restore the car again. 

Now, Joe hopes to keep the car going.

“I’m looking for someone who will pay me, who will do the repairs,” he said. 

It seems that the only way to keep a car on the roads is to have it restored, and Joe hopes that someday someone will want to take that same passion for car restoration and restore it. 

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