Apple has taken its share of car boot sales but, for a time, it had trouble finding buyers for its most popular products.

The tech giant now has more than 100,000 cars on its books and plans to sell more than 200,000 next year.

The Apple Carboot, for example, sold out last year, with orders of more than 10,000 a day.

And Apple is also hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of its Apple Watch, which could soon make its way onto cars.

As of this summer, Apple had about 2.5 million vehicles, and analysts say that the watch could overtake Apple’s own iPod.

The car boot is also on the way out.

“Apple is now focusing its attention on the Watch, and it will soon have more than 2 million cars on the road,” said Chris Cox, an analyst at Forrester.

“In the coming year, Apple will be much more focused on building a large ecosystem around the Watch.”

The watch is one of the most valuable tech gadgets around, with a valuation of $200 billion.

Its big competitors include Amazon’s Kindle and Microsoft’s Surface.

But Apple has always been cautious about building a huge, expensive brand and focusing on just one product.

The company has been a big fan of luxury goods, with its new Apple Watch.

But it’s also been a champion of making cars more convenient and comfortable, as well as building a more efficient car manufacturing system.

Apple said in a statement that it is “continuing to explore new products and services” to boost the car-making industry.

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