Carli Bel is the self-styled “fashion and accessories designer” who makes up her signature designs on her website.

She said she wanted to sell her designs for $1,500 per pair, which was cheaper than what she normally sells for.

“It’s really the best deal in the world,” Ms Bel said.

Ms Bel, who runs a Melbourne design studio called Carli by Bel, said she had sold more than $400,000 worth of designs since she launched her website in December.

“I’m trying to get the word out to people, I have a lot of great ideas and they’re coming in,” Ms Belle said.

“And they’re selling really well, so I want to keep it going.”

Ms Bel was inspired by a quote by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who told the ABC in 2012: “I never think of myself as the most powerful person in the room, I think of me as the person who can make the most difference.”

But she said she knew she needed to sell on the back of a $1 million investment.

“So that’s where my name comes from,” Ms Belli said.

In an email to the ABC, Ms Bel told her customers that her designs were inspired by the “golden age of luxury”.

“I think it’s a lot more personal, I’m not trying to be cool or anything like that,” Ms Bebel said.

She suggested that her customers try to be a bit more “artsy”.

Ms Bel also said she would be happy to work with her clients on a commission basis.

She is a small business owner, with no background in fashion design or photography.

“You could probably sell a few of my work and have some money back,” Ms Bally said.

The ABC contacted Carli’s website and contacted the owners of two other car-related sites, Carli Fashion and Carli Accessories.

Ms Bellis website has also been featured on Good Morning Australia and Good Morning Fashion.

“My clients love my stuff, they want to come into the shop and they want the pieces, so it’s great,” Ms Barri said.

Carli Bebel is seen in this file photo from November.

Ms Bebels products are sold at a shop in Sydney, Australia.

The Australian Fashion Design Council has a “good” rating for Ms Bel’s design products, which can be found on its website.

The organisation has a good reputation, with many fashion designers having been praised for their work.

The Council’s chief executive, Michelle Smith, said it was important for designers to have the right expertise to sell their work and she encouraged designers to reach out to their retailers for advice.

“The Australian Fashion Commission’s mission is to foster the development of the profession by providing a forum where designers can share their own ideas, ideas that will inspire the industry to come up with more exciting, innovative products,” she said.

‘Fashion is in our DNA’ The ABC asked Mr Smith whether designers should take on more responsibility in the design field, particularly if they were in a small or small-business-dominated market.

“What we do know is that the more designers that we have in a market, the better it is,” he said.

He said the fashion industry had changed significantly over the past decade, with designers becoming increasingly self-employed.

“They’re no longer the primary way that they’re making a living,” Mr Smith said.

There are also concerns that some designers are using their skills to pursue careers in advertising, or to work in the entertainment industry.

“We’ve seen a huge rise in self-employment, especially in the last five to 10 years,” Mr Bel said of her clients.

Ms Barris said she did not know if she would ever go back to work as a designer, but said she hoped her customers would keep buying her products.

“All I want is to make my customers happy, so they will come back and I will continue to sell my work,” Ms Batris said.

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