Car Toy shop owners in Melbourne will be hoping to get their hands on the new model of cars. has partnered with car toy store CarPlay to test out new model cars in Melbourne.

The company, which specializes in toy cars, offers an app that allows users to order new cars through a smartphone app and have them delivered in about an hour.

Customers can pay for their new cars at the car toy stall and then pick them up from a pick up point near the car shop.

CarPlay’s mobile app also lets people track their progress on their car with real-time data on the vehicle’s speed, acceleration and cornering.

A customer can check the time and date of their order and see how long it will take them to get to the car they’ve chosen.

“You can get an order online, you can call and they’ll send it to you,” CarPlay founder Matt Williams said.

“They’ll know exactly when you want it delivered.

The app also includes a countdown timer that lets customers know how long until their order is delivered. “

We’ve got people who are waiting in line and we’ve got them in our car, in the car parking lot, on the street and we can send them the car, the car and the trailer to wherever they want it, it’s a seamless process.”

The app also includes a countdown timer that lets customers know how long until their order is delivered.

“The app’s really good at showing you when your order’s coming in,” Mr Williams said of the app.

“There’s a countdown that shows you when it’s going to come in and the delivery time.

It’s a really good feature that we’re really excited about.”

The company also launched a website,, that lets users order cars and track their deliveries, and it has launched a car showroom in the CBD.

The Melbourne car show is a part of a national push by the Victorian Government to promote the importance of car ownership and encourage the introduction of electric cars into the economy.

It was announced on Tuesday that the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, would launch a national “Car Free Zone” from October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

It will also be launched with the launch of the $100 million Victoria Innovation Fund, which will be funded by a $10 million grant from the Victorian government.

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