I arrived at Carli’s Vinyl Shop in the suburb of Broome with an unshakable sense of anticipation.

The owner of Carli byBel, a vinyl shop and music festival in Brisbane, Australia, is not only a great store, but an incredibly knowledgeable person.

I’m not usually a big music fan, but I love the kind of tunes she plays and she has a wide selection of records.

It’s a big hit with my girlfriend of a few years, and I was so pleased to finally get to experience her favourite music.

She has the perfect atmosphere, with lots of chairs, a large space and a big vinyl collection.

She tells me the store is full of music, and she also has a very cool DJ booth where she mixes vinyl records for guests.

I started by asking for a copy of her latest album, and as the owner was talking about it, I felt my heart skip a beat.

I was a bit worried she would just tell me that she did not like it, but she listened and gave me a positive review.

I then got to ask for a CD.

I’d never heard of Carls album, but Carli explained to me that they are an all ages vinyl record shop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was a little nervous about the store and had no idea what I would be getting into, but the manager seemed quite friendly and was very helpful.

I had my CD in my hand and started listening.

I can honestly say that I was blown away.

Carli’s vinyl has a unique style to it, with many different types of records and different tracks.

It’s a mix of rock, folk and techno, with plenty of original tracks.

I loved the mix of the music and the music was always in the background.

I listened to a couple of the new tracks, and loved them.

They all sounded like a great mix of old and new music.

The music itself was just so relaxing and soothing, with only the occasional rock or trance note.

The store also has an extensive vinyl collection, which includes a great selection of indie music.

I’m really looking forward to picking up some of my favourite vinyl records.

Carlo is a wonderful person and she makes it clear that she has great vinyl collections, and will help me find some of the most amazing vinyl records I’ve ever heard.

I think I’ve found my new favourite vinyl shop.


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