The most expensive car speaker currently available is the $20 million Cadillac Eldorado CTS-V. It retails for $15,999, according to Amazon.

But that price is more than a car.

The car’s sound system has room for $2,500 of speakers, and it can take on $2.5 million of audio before it’s worth much more.

The $20K sound system is an excellent speaker, and the $2K is more like an amplifier.

The only drawback is that the CTS can only be driven in Comfort Mode, a feature which is not available on the Cadillac.

If you’re looking for a car speaker, consider a $25,000 speaker like the $3.5K KEF Xtreme.

And if you’re in the market for a $50,000 or $75,000 sound system, consider the $50K Yamaha CX-5.

The CX5’s speakers are more powerful, and there are some very nice bass and treble.

If there’s an area of need in your home, consider an $80,000 system like the Audio Technica AT-LP7004.

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