Nissan has announced a new Leaf battery pack which will replace the company’s current models with a new design.

The battery pack will be called the LEAF5 and will be available in a range of capacities from 75 kWh to 200 kWh, as well as in a different battery capacity called the Leaf5S.

Nissan has made a big push in the past year to introduce more battery options for the Leaf, including a new EV version which was initially launched last year.

This new design will be able to take advantage of the Leaf’s larger battery pack, which is already large enough to charge the battery packs of some of the biggest EVs.

The new Leaf5s battery pack is expected to be smaller in size, but larger in capacity.

It will feature a new cell design which uses more of the material that’s in lithium-ion batteries.

This means that it will have more of an overall capacity and should last longer.

Nissan is also planning to make the Leaf smaller and lighter in weight, as it will be made from aluminum.

It is also expected to have a much thinner frame, which means the battery pack could be thinner and lighter than the current Leaf.

The Leaf5 will be offered in a variety of capacities, including 75 kWh, 200 kWh and 300 kWh.

It should come in at a slightly higher price tag than the Leaf4, but Nissan is likely to offer it at a lower price.

Nokia is also looking to introduce new battery options, including the Nokia 5, a new phone that is expected for 2018.

Nokia is reportedly looking to go with a much smaller battery, which could mean a cheaper price tag for the Nokia5.

The Nokia 5 will reportedly be available at a price of $300, although it will likely be priced lower than the iPhone 7 Plus, which starts at $999.

It could also be offered at a much lower price, though, as Nokia is likely not going to offer a cheaper iPhone 7.

This is a big change for Nissan, as they have been focusing on offering the Leaf at a cost which is more than a few hundred dollars less than other EV models, as the Leaf is a flagship model and the Nissan Leaf will be sold in a large number of cars.

The Leaf5 is also a big departure for Nissan as it is a larger battery than the existing Leaf, and the new design is designed to fit more of a range than the previous design.

The Nissan Leaf5 battery pack should be available sometime this year.

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