A woman in her late 40s from the Israeli-occupied West Bank died after a car bomb exploded near her home.

Najra Elishek was one of dozens of women and girls who have been killed by car bombs in Israel’s occupied West Bank.

Her body was found a week ago, in the southern Gaza Strip, in a badly damaged car that had been driven through the streets of the Gaza Strip.

In an emotional video message released Sunday, she was asked what she wanted to tell her relatives.

She said, “I wanted to say to you: I am grateful that you are alive.

You are all part of my family.

Your family has been through hell.

Your relatives are my friends.

You were my brothers, my sisters, my parents.

I am so grateful to you.

I thank God that he has protected us.

You saved my life.

You have protected me from the evil of the occupation.

And now I thank you for everything.”

Elisheck, an elementary school teacher, was killed along with three others, including her mother, as the blast ripped through the crowded home in Beit Hanoun, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Ramallah.

She was killed in a blast that was reported to have occurred in the West Bank on Sunday morning, after she arrived at her workplace from the Gaza border.

Elisherk, who was a kindergarten teacher in Beida, was also known as a vocal member of the Beit Haneb neighborhood, which is home to Beit Erez, one of the Palestinian territories that Israel has declared a “closed border” to Palestinians.

She died at a local hospital.

The blast left a gaping hole in the house, where Elisshek lived with her husband, her sister and two children, as well as their three grandchildren.

She had a daughter with her and was studying to be a lawyer.

Elislakh’s death will not be the last that Israeli authorities carry out as the conflict intensifies in the occupied Palestinian territory, where Palestinian militants are increasingly targeting Israeli soldiers.

Israelis have been carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza, and thousands of rockets have been fired at the territory.

It has also launched dozens of raids on Palestinian neighborhoods in recent weeks, with the number of strikes on Gaza rising.

The Palestinian government has repeatedly called on the international community to stop targeting Gaza, saying its population of about 1.7 million has not been given enough support and that Israel and its military have used excessive force against civilians.

Last week, the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding Israel halt its attacks and to stop the killing of Palestinians.

But the UN General Assembly has not yet taken up the measure, and has not expressed a firm opinion on the matter.

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