— The NHL All Star Game is here and it’s going to be awesome.

The NHL All Stars are in town this weekend, and for the first time in a long time, there will be a car shop.

But the car shop will be open only to those who have pre-purchased a car through the Bridging the Gap initiative.

The Bridgestones dealership will be located at the Toyota Center in Bridgefield, Connecticut.

The BridgestONE NHL Allstar Game Car Shop is open for business.

The cars that will be sold at the Bridged All Stars will be made in Japan, and will feature the Bridger logo.

The car shop is the only dealership in the Bridges world to have been licensed to sell cars in the US since 1999.

The franchisee for the Bridgeworld NHL Allstars is BridgestOne, the world’s largest car dealership.

The new car shop, located at BridgestONES Toyota Center, will be the second Bridgestoneye dealership in North America to be equipped with a Bridgestoning car.

The other Bridgestonye dealership, in Anaheim, California, is also licensed to do business in the U.S.

There will also be a Bridger car in the showrooms at Bridgewood and Bridgestown.

The Toyota Center is also home to Bridgestons new Toyota Camry sports car, the first car ever to be built with the Toyota Camrys unique powertrain.

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