The orange car shop in Orange, California, is one of many Orange-based businesses that offer everything from the latest in technology to handcrafted leather goods.

You can find them in Orange County and beyond, and you can buy anything from handcrafted mugs to custom made leather goods at their flagship store, Car Shop Orange.

But they’re also known for their specialty, the orange car, which has been the subject of much speculation since the late 1960s.

“It’s a beautiful shade of orange,” said Scott Pemberton, a Car Shop orange employee who helped start the business in 1967.

“Its the only color I know of that has that iconic, iconic character.

That’s what makes it so special.

It’s a color that I have the utmost respect for.”

But it wasn’t always that way.

Pemberthon said his father, a car mechanic, always had a fascination with orange.

“We were always very picky about what color was available for our cars,” he said.

“But my dad had the perfect color of orange.”

And the idea for the orange Car Shop started from a trip he took in the 1960s to the Florida Keys.

“My dad had bought a little truck from a mechanic who owned a small shop in Tampa,” Pembertons said.

It was a vintage Ford V8 engine that had been converted to run on gas.

“He drove me back to Tampa and had a look at the truck,” he recalled.

Penderton said the name was inspired by the word “orange,” which is Latin for “fruits.” “

The orange truck was a classic in the automotive world.

The name came about when Pemberson went to a local dealership to buy a car. “

I knew that’s what it meant,” Penderson said.

The name came about when Pemberson went to a local dealership to buy a car.

But he said the salesman made a comment that it was time to start making his own car.

“So I started thinking about what the color of my orange should be,” he explained.

“And the thing was, it was orange.”

The name Orange was eventually adopted.

And it stuck.

“People are so proud of that,” Pendersons said, “so I’ve always been a little proud of it.”

Pembertons said he’s been making cars for 40 years and he’s only gotten to work on his own orange car once.

“The only orange car that I made was for myself and my dad,” he added.

“They had the original one that they had on their showroom.

It had orange wheels, orange bumper, orange paint on it.

And I got to paint it.”

It’s not just the color that makes it special.

The orange cars have been the stuff of legends for decades.

Pemersons said the first car he ever worked on was the original blue and orange Ford V-8, which was made by Ford in 1966.

“When I first drove it, I was completely surprised.

I was driving the first Ford car,” Pemercyson said.

When he got it, he immediately recognized the car’s iconic yellow stripe.

“What was that stripe for?,” he asked.

“That’s the color,” Pambertons replied.

The stripe was designed to represent the new color scheme for the Ford Mustang.

And the car became a sensation.

“There was a rush of excitement, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to make this car.

I’m going, ‘What?

What is that?'”

Pemberons said he loved the attention the car received from fans and friends alike.

“All over the world, people would be driving around with them,” he noted.

“This was a real hit.”

And it wasn: The orange Car Saver was the most popular car in America for more than a decade.

Pembreyton said it was because it represented an era of change.

“You look back on it now and you look at it in retrospect, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he continued.

“Because at the time, the car was the first thing you drove.

It took a lot of work and a lot commitment to get it here, and the customer service was second to none.

And you know, it still is.

And, you know?

It still has that magic to it.”

And Pemberts car has been on display in Orange ever since.

It even has its own Twitter account, @orangecar, and it has been featured on numerous national television shows and programs.

“Orange is the new black” was the tagline for the popular ABC TV series Orange Is the New Black, and viewers were quick to take notice of the car, according to Pemberon.

“Everybody wanted one of them,” Pemerons said of the orange cars.

“No one had ever seen a car with that kind of orange stripe before.”

Pemerington said he always wanted to make the orange version of the Mustang

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