The next time you get into a car dealership and you don’t like the way the new car looks or feel, you might want to shop for your own diesel car instead.

“If you don and you have a little extra cash,” said John Littman, a veteran auto repairman from New York, “I’d just buy one and take it out and start the rebuild.”

For many of us, it’s a way to try out the newest models without spending a ton of money.

We’ll start by finding out what’s new, and then we’ll see what’s available at a local car dealership.

The best time to shop diesel for a new car is between the end of summer and the beginning of fall, according to Littmen, who has owned diesel cars since 1985.

The most common vehicles in his shop, like the Toyota Prius and Ford Focus, are more expensive than the ones you’d find at a regular dealership.

That’s partly because they’re often made in China and sometimes have a limited warranty, but also because they often don’t have much room inside.

“It’s kind of a safe bet that it’s not going to be a good car for the average consumer,” Littmans told National Geographic.

But if you’re not sure, you could start looking at a few different diesel models, he added.

You can also look at models like the Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata.

While the Fusion is a great deal, its diesel engine is about half the price of a new diesel car made in the U.S. That means you can save a lot of money, especially if you want to try it out in a new vehicle.

The Toyota Priu has the lowest fuel economy in the family, at about 16 mpg.

The Focus, by comparison, can hit 30 mpg or more.

Both vehicles have diesel engines that are more efficient than gasoline-powered cars, so you should expect a better fuel economy than the average gas car, Litts said.

If you want a new Toyota or Hyundai, you should also consider a diesel hatchback.

That car will have a larger engine and a bigger payload than the regular car, but it’s less efficient and more expensive.

“I’ve never seen a diesel engine as efficient as a hatchback,” Lippman said.

“And they’re not going for cheap.

You get more performance out of a hatch than you would out of an electric car.”

Littmann is one of the most prolific dealersers in the United States, but he doesn’t have the biggest dealership.

He’s been in business for almost 60 years.

“We have a few hundred people,” he said.

Littmens car shop was founded in 1951 and is still around today.

“There are a lot more people who sell cars today than in the past,” he explained.

The vast majority of the cars in his store are made in Japan, which means they’ve been used by Japanese companies for generations.

The biggest brands in the industry, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Mazda, make up about 75 percent of the dealership’s business.

“The other 75 percent is all dealerships,” he added, which makes it hard to keep up with demand.

The majority of customers are women and people of color, who tend to buy the cars from the dealership first, which is a problem in a country where race and gender inequality are often the most visible.

A lot of people go to the dealership to buy a new model or even to buy their first car.

But when it comes to buying a diesel car, it can be a challenge.

The cheapest diesel cars are typically sold at dealerships that only have a handful of people and are staffed by salespeople who are often not as experienced or experienced as Litt.

“They’re probably not the best salespeople,” said Litt’s brother, Scott Litt, a sales manager at an auto parts store in Michigan.

“You need a salesperson who knows what they’re doing.”

The best place to find cheap diesel cars is on eBay, which can sometimes be an accurate way to get a look at cars.

There, you can find a variety of models and prices that might be a little cheaper than a new, new car, depending on the brand and engine.

The prices you see online are also based on a range of factors, including how many miles you’ve driven, the car’s history, the price, and whether it has a warranty.

So even if you donĀ“t want to shell out a lot for a diesel, you may still find something to like in a newer, more efficient model.

If it’s cheaper than the cheapest gasoline model, then you might be able to get more bang for your buck.

But, if you like the look of a diesel and want to give it a shot, you have options.

You could take a car to an auto show or even try out

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