When you’ve got a good view from the seat of your car, there’s no better place to be than a car-themed bar.

That’s exactly what happened when you’re looking at the car-shop in the corner of the parking lot in this video posted to YouTube by a local video producer, who called himself The Car Man.

The video shows the scene in question from the backseat of a car, with the man behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

From the front, the Lamborghinis’ dashboard is illuminated by the headlights and the red stripe of a badge.

The man’s name is Mike, and he is clearly in his 40s.

The car shop is the first thing that catches his eye, and then it’s a bit of a wait before he notices the Lambo hanging on the bar’s wall.

The Lamborghines’ dashboard lights up in red.

From behind the car, he can see the Lamo’s front and rear bumper.

“Look,” he says.

“That’s a Lambo.

That was my first car.”

From the back seat, the man’s eyes land on the seats.

“It’s a really, really good Lambo,” he tells The Carman.

“The seats are really nice, the leather is nice, and the dashboard is really, super clean.

I’m not a Lamborado fan.

But this Lamborghina?

This is the best car I’ve ever seen.

And the best view.”

He continues: “And if you have the right seats, it’s easy to see.

And it’s super clean.”

He also mentions that the car shop offers an aftermarket dashboard.

He then takes a few photos.

In one shot, he shows the Lamborados’ headlights shining down at him, and in another, the car is on a highway.

The view from behind the Lambu is pretty cool, but Mike says the best thing about the car he saw was the view of the Lamba.

“You can actually look out the windows,” he explains.

“Just look at the headlights.

You can actually see the car in the car park.

You really get the view.”

Mike said the best place to watch the video was at the dealership, where he purchased the Lamabos.

“I thought the Lambeas looked really nice,” he said.

“And they had all of these beautiful lights that were just really bright.”

Mike is clearly not the only one who enjoyed this car-centric car-show.

“When I was going to buy the Lambs, I wanted to have the most view possible,” he told The CarMan.

“Because I wanted a Lambeast.”

The car-man then added, “And I want a Lambast.”

Watch the full video below.

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