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Apple CEO to unveil new iPhones and iPads at WWDCNow Playing | Amazon unveils new $100 Echo speakersNow PlayingWhat you need to know about the new iPhones 7 and 8Now PlayingAmazon unveils the new $50 Amazon Echo speakers now that the Apple Watch is launchingNow PlayingMicrosoft announces $100 Xbox Play Anywhere games console for Xbox Now PlayingWhat’s next in the Apple iPhone 7 lineup?

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Now PlayingApple introduces the new iPhone 7 and 7 PlusNow PlayingSamsung unveils a new 10-inch Retina OLED display for the Galaxy S8Now PlayingGoogle reveals the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P with Android 7.1Nexus 6P comes with Google AssistantNow PlayingHow to get the best bang for your buck with Amazon’s new $300 Amazon EchoNow PlayingNintendo launches its $300 Nintendo Switch consoleNow PlayingXbox launches the $400 Xbox One SNow PlayingFacebook and Google announced they’re partnering to offer free voice search on AndroidNow PlayingThe Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be the first phones to support the Apple TVNow PlayingiPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to arrive at U.S. retailers in AugustNow PlayingSprint is introducing a new 4G LTE network in the U.K. Now PlayingApple is offering a $10 discount on all Apple Pay devices with the Apple Pay appNow PlayingWhy you should buy an iPhone 7 Now PlayingSpencer Platt/Getty ImagesNow PlayWhat you should know about Apple WatchNow PlayingAndroid devices are more secure than everNow PlayingUSAA’s new online course for tech professionals will help you get your career startedNow PlayingUber launches its first ever Uber-sponsored driver courseNow PlayingCiting the health risks of the iPhone 7, Apple is releasing a new iPhone SE Plus for $249Now PlayingA new Google Home speaker is the perfect way to get you through the dayNow PlayingNetflix is rolling out a free 3D movie for every U.N. member nowNow PlayingDisney Infinity 2.0: Disney’s Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and moreComing soon to Google HomeNow PlayingWWE is expanding its streaming service with a new WWE 2.x service Now PlayingGoogle is launching a new TV app for Apple TV Now PlayingDisney’s upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad TV show will be available on Google Home Now PlayingMicrosoft is making it easier for its apps to work with Google Now Now PlayingAmazon is bringing its new Amazon Echo Dot to the UKNow PlayingToys ‘R Us is giving away a free iPhone 7 to every Amazon Prime memberNow PlayingNFL commissioner says he’s happy with the way the NFL handled the Colin Kaepernick situationNow PlayingIs Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 offering worth the premium price?

Now PlayMicrosoft announces the new Pixel BudsNow PlayingStar Wars Battlemaster 2 and Star Wars Destiny are coming to iOS Now PlayingStar Trek: Discovery is set to arrive on iOS on October 18Now PlayingSony says its PlayStation 4 Pro will be coming to stores in NovemberNow PlayingNokia is planning to introduce a new Nokia phone in 2018Now PlayingAn updated version of Apple’s Siri app will be on sale for $7.99Now PlayingLionhead Games is releasing its first new game in more than 20 yearsNow PlayingGameSpot is giving $5,000 for your first purchase of a PlayStation VR headsetNow PlayingYouTube CEO Kevin Systrom says he wants to give away an Oculus Rift with every purchaseNow PlayingIf you missed any of our previous Apple coverage, check out our video from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference that goes into detail on the latest iPhone 7.

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