There’s no shortage of dangerous repair shops in Toronto.

We asked the city’s police chief and city councillor, and they both said that Toronto’s most dangerous repair shop was the one that opened in 2012, at the corner of Bloor and College Streets.

“We are not a safe place,” Councillor Gord Perks said at the time.

“And if you are not looking at the fact that you are at risk, you are doing it wrong.”

It’s hard to imagine a city that has fewer dangerous repair services than Toronto.

As a result, we asked the police chief if it’s fair to compare it to the rest of the country.

“It’s certainly not the safest place,” he replied.

“The average Canadian spends about $60,000 a year on repairs, with about 20% going to vehicle repair alone.”

The police chief also said that when the number of accidents on Bloor Street was high in the summer of 2012, it was “unfortunate” that the repair shop had opened.

But the police department said the repair shops have no control over the amount of repairs they make and can’t dictate who goes in and out.

“No matter what, they do what’s needed,” spokesperson Brad Ross told CBC News.

“If we were to say that a shop needs to have a certain amount of space or be able to work in certain areas, we would have to give it a permit.

If it’s not a permit, we can’t go in and do anything.”

So the police are not really asking us to be shocked by this news.

And we can see where they’re coming from.

We have the same amount of expensive vehicles as Toronto, but we have the largest number of expensive repairs.

It’s pretty easy to imagine what would happen if we did the same thing.

And the number one repair shop, by a very wide margin, is the one located at the intersection of Bathurst and College streets.

A recent survey by the insurance firm McKinsey found that Toronto had the most expensive repair shops for car repairs in Canada.

It found that the average repair cost in Toronto was $1,085, while repairs in Vancouver cost $1.2 million and Toronto’s average was $937.

This means that a repair shop that does a lot of repairs can cost almost as much as a shop that just does one car wash.

“That’s where the difference in repair prices is,” McKinsey said in a press release.

“When you have a big difference in price, it becomes a big barrier to entry.”

In the case of the repair service at the Bloor car shop, we don’t know how much repairs were done or how much time was spent on each one.

But we can safely assume that a lot was spent fixing broken wheels, and the shop was likely filled with people who had just had a car crash.

We can also say that it was probably the biggest repair shop to open in Toronto in recent memory, with three cars at the top of the list.

But this isn’t just a one-off incident.

McKinsey also looked at the total number of repairs done by the repair department at each repair shop and found that repairs at Bloor, College and Spadina Streets were the most common.

And as the city moves closer to full auto, more repair shops will open.

So while there may be a lot more expensive repair work going on in Toronto, it’s probably not surprising that people in Toronto have a hard time finding the best car repair shops.

We contacted McKinsey to find out how many repair shops there are in Toronto and the number they found.

“There are a few more repair service companies than there were five years ago,” McKinney said.

“So there are definitely more cars in the city.

We do have a smaller number of cars than we did five years back, but they’re all there, they’re repaired, and it’s very inexpensive to fix.”

We can only imagine how the repair services will change if the city were to introduce a $25 vehicle tax that will cover repairs for all vehicles.

The city did not respond to our request for comment.

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