The world’s largest Christian supermarket chain has opened its doors to Hindu shoppers.

The chain, whose shelves are lined with more than 60,000 products including milk, spices, tea and cooking oil, is India’s largest food retailer.

It has also opened a car-shop in Mumbai and is looking at opening shops in cities like Chennai and Ahmedabad in the coming weeks.

In India, where the religion of the country’s most popular saint, Lord Shiva, is the biggest, the chain has more than 100 outlets, including a pharmacy, a food store, a clothing shop, a bakery and a beauty shop.

It is also working on opening a petrol station in Mumbai.

The company said that the new petrol station will be open on November 11 and will be in a location that can accommodate about 1,500 vehicles.

The announcement came after a visit by India’s chief minister, Narendra Modi, to the store.

Modi has vowed to help Indian consumers by encouraging their faith.

He also has promised to introduce free education in schools and give all Indian students access to a modern education system.

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