A new car shop opening in Bridlington in Penrith is a first for New South Wales.

Key points:Car shops are popping up all over New South BayThe city of Penriths car shop is a new addition to Bridlington, but will be a welcomed addition to the community”This is really a very welcome and exciting opportunity for the city,” said Mayor Tom Keeney.

“It’s a new start for Bridlington and for the local community.”

Bridlington, which is part of the Penrhes-South Fremantle Region, is just north of Brisbane and has a population of about 1,300.

“We’re not just a new car service, we’re a new business for the town of Bridlington,” Mayor Keeneys said.

“Bridlinton is one of the fastest growing places in New South Australia, and it’s important for the community and for local businesses that we have a local business in this area.”

The city-run business, called Car Stamps, has opened at 810 Nattawa Street.

It’s part of a drive to expand Bridlington’s car shops, which have been popping up across the city for the past two years.

“Our vision for Bridlinton, and the whole area, is to provide local businesses with the tools to offer a competitive, affordable and secure vehicle service,” Mr Keeneies said.”[We’re] working to provide an accessible, safe, and cost effective service to the local area.”

He said the new business was not only opening in a busy area of the city, but was also an opportunity for people to enjoy shopping locally.

“When you walk through Bridlington you’ll see a lot of car shops that are open all day long,” he said.

“It’s not only about the car, it’s about the neighbourhood.”

And we’ve had a lot more people coming in, coming in with families, it really is a welcome addition to this community.

“For the local business owner, this is an exciting time.”

I think it’s really good news for the whole community, especially when you look at the growth that’s taking place in the city and the new businesses that are coming in and the number of people that are living in the area,” he explained.”

The whole community really needs to get involved.

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