Sammy’s Car Shop, located in Jerusalem’s Old City, is the only car repair shop in the entire Old City that was built by a Palestinian, according to the owner.

In fact, the shop was started by a group of Arab businessmen in the 1980s who wanted to bring their car repairs business to Israel and to the city, said the owner, Sammy Haim.

According to the owners website, Sammys is the oldest car repair in Israel and was opened in 1990 by the brothers Mohammed and Moti Abu al-Rish.

The brothers opened the shop in 1987 and it is located at the corner of Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare, Route 443 and the Old City.

The shop is a popular destination for tourists to visit, according the owners, who also operate several car repair shops in Tel Aviv.

One of the shop’s most popular services is repairing damaged or missing vehicles, said Sammy Haim, adding that he also repaired cars in Jerusalem and in other parts of Israel.

In the past, Sammys cars had been parked in the street for several months.

But since he opened his shop, his car has been repaired, repaired and is on the road again, he said.

Haim said that in order to repair damaged or stolen cars, the owner had to pay a fee.

“We have to pay the fee to get the car repaired.

If the car is stolen, the driver will not pay, and it will be stolen,” he said, adding, “This is not a problem if the car has already been repaired by a different shop.”

However, he admitted that repairing cars in Israel is difficult.

“It is not easy.

You cannot just walk around the street.

It takes a lot of time and effort,” he explained.

The owners website also offers advice for the owner to repair his vehicle if it has been damaged.

The owner said that the cost of repair is not covered by insurance.

“The insurance company would cover this if it was done by someone other than the owner,” he added.

The car repair business has become increasingly popular in Israel since the Israeli civil war in the late 1980s.

According the Israeli Civil Registry, there were over 2,500 car repair establishments in Israel in 2014, and the number is expected to grow to 3,000 by 2020.

A survey conducted by the Israeli car repair industry group Auto Israel found that about half of the respondents said they repaired cars because they were interested in repairing them, and half said they did so because they did not know where to find a car shop in Israel.

According with the poll, about 60 percent of the repair shops were located in Tel Hashomer, the northern part of Jerusalem, and about 70 percent of them were located near the Old Port.

The poll showed that most repair shops operated on weekends and the main customers were tourists.

“They are mainly tourists who come to visit the Old Town, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and they are mainly interested in cars,” said Elad Zisser, the head of Auto Israel’s research and consulting unit.

The survey also showed that nearly 60 percent said they used cars in their daily life, and that most of them had to travel to the car repair sites to obtain their repairs.

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