Foreign car stores that sell imported cars in China have been accused of cheating the local government and consumers by charging exorbitant prices.

A recent report by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) found that the average Chinese car shopper spent around 20,000 yuan (US$1,000) on a foreign car at a foreign shop, up from the 7,000-9,000 mark in 2013.

The cost of buying an imported car is often so high that Chinese consumers have resorted to purchasing their own cars, which can be more expensive than the Chinese car they are used to.

MOT said it had opened an investigation into the matter after an investigation conducted by an independent consumer research group revealed the same problems.

However, the car shopping site AutoChina said it would not be closing the shop, and said the investigation would be suspended.

The investigation came after a series of high-profile cases of Chinese car buyers and sellers abusing local regulations, including a Chinese woman who was fined for using her car to buy petrol.

It also comes as a number of foreign car shops have been shut down, and China has become increasingly reliant on imports of Chinese cars.

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