This is a story about an unusual, yet extremely well-kept secret.

The mascot of an automotive shop in Melbourne’s west has been in a different location for decades, but he is still in his original spot.

But when it comes to car hoists, the original location is gone.

It was only when the shop was rebranded and reopened that a new one was constructed.

Car hoists in Melbourne are a specialised hobby, and the iconic orange and blue moustache has remained in the shop since it opened.

“When we first started, we had to do a lot of research on the car,” Mr Gull said.

“We went through a lot, we took lots of pictures, we went back and looked at the photographs and found that this was not the same shop.

We were very, very proud of the original, but the shop is gone, and now we just have to make it look brand new.”

The shop is still standing today, but it is no longer a car shop.

The new shop is a vehicle and accessory shop.

It is called the Tanaka Shop, and it is currently open every day, and there is currently a new car in the queue for the new car hoisting station.

Mr Gull is confident that when the new shop opens, the old shop will be gone.

“The car hoisers are very popular and they do get a lot more people in and out of the shop,” he said.

This story has been updated to include the new owner of the car hoiser.

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