How to Buy a Porsche Car from Car Shop Worldwide

Car Shop worldwide has teamed up with Porsche to offer up a range of high-quality, high-priced Porsche models for a limited time.From the 911 GT3 RS to the 997 GT3, the Car Shop will be stocking the new Porsche 911 GT4 RS, the new 911 GT5 RS and the 911 RSR, and the new 996 Cayman GT3 Sportback and 996 […]

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Toyota: ‘The first generation car is a real winner’

Toyota Motor Corp. says it has “tremendous success” with its hybrid electric car.The automaker announced a new model, the Prius Prime, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and the new Prius hybrid was shown off at the Tokyo Auto Show last month.In a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday, the company showed off its new Priuss hybrid at a preview event […]

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