How I spent a week with Carli Bel’s vinyl shop, brisbow

I arrived at Carli’s Vinyl Shop in the suburb of Broome with an unshakable sense of anticipation.The owner of Carli byBel, a vinyl shop and music festival in Brisbane, Australia, is not only a great store, but an incredibly knowledgeable person.I’m not usually a big music fan, but I love the kind of tunes she plays and she has a […]

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How to sell your car in Australia

Carli Bel is the self-styled “fashion and accessories designer” who makes up her signature designs on her website.She said she wanted to sell her designs for $1,500 per pair, which was cheaper than what she normally sells for.“It’s really the best deal in the world,” Ms Bel said.Ms Bel, who runs a Melbourne design studio called Carli by Bel, said […]

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