Why are people taking cars out of their homes?

A recent report found that the homeownership rate among U.S. households fell in 2016 to its lowest point since 1995.The National Association of Realtors reported that only 20% of homeowners have a loan on their home, down from 24% in 2012.And according to the latest data from the U.N. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the median home price fell to $210,000 […]

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Toyota: ‘The first generation car is a real winner’

Toyota Motor Corp. says it has “tremendous success” with its hybrid electric car.The automaker announced a new model, the Prius Prime, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and the new Prius hybrid was shown off at the Tokyo Auto Show last month.In a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday, the company showed off its new Priuss hybrid at a preview event […]

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